Dockworker Opportunities

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Dockworker Opportunities
Can you handle with care?

Visit any of the 54 Reddaway service centers spread across the west from Vancouver to Tucson, and you will see professional freight handlers expertly transferring shipments from trailer to dock to trailer. It really does look like a precision dance, with forklifts hoisting each pallet, carton, or container and expertly nestling it into place for its ride to the next destination. Customers are eager to get their shipment so there’s no time to waste. The dock hums with steady activity.

As a dockworker, you are probably the closest thing there is to a modern-day cowboy. Instead of a horse your mount is a lift truck, and the instead of cattle you’ll wrangle freight of all sizes and shapes. It takes a keen eye, an expert hand on the wheel, and a smooth touch on the peddle to safely, quickly, and precisely position each piece of freight. If you are the type with a sense of urgency and who enjoys the idea of being in constant motion, then this could be the job for you.

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 Local City Driver (Full-Time) - Missoula, MT - Reddaway
(19047Z) - US- MT-Missoula

Dock Worker (Part-time) - Salt Lake City, UT - Reddaway
(19045P)-US-UT-Salt Lake City

 Local City Driver (Full-Time) - Everett, WA - Reddaway - Burlington


Local City Driver (Full-Time) - Bellingham, WA - Reddaway

The only way to become one of the leading regional freight carriers is to have some of the best people in the business. That’s why we have such high standards for our employees. When you hire the best, you need to ensure that they are adequately rewarded for the skills and hard work.

As a Reddaway employee, you will enjoy an impressive benefits package. The benefits you receive will depend your job, location, and time with the company, but here’s the basic package you can expect::

Competitive salaries/wages
Excellent Benefits Packages
Paid time off
401(k) Plan Available

Reddaway employees stay with us, in part, because of the pride they have in working for a respected, strong, and growing company. But when you hire the best employees and expect a lot of them, you also have to reward them appropriately. We think our comprehensive package of benefits does just that.Family Medical Leave (when applicable)

For qualifying employees, the Company also provides leave under the Family Medical Leave Act and any state equivalent. Click here for more information.

Reddaway is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Minorities/Females/Persons with Disabilities/Protected Veterans  

Dockworker Opportunities