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Firefighter for Iraq

Full Time

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Firefighter for Balad, Iraq

Safely respond to emergencies as a member of a team protecting all Balad Air Base, helping to minimize loss of life, property, and environmental damage.  Actively support and uphold the Company’s stated vision, mission, and values.
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  • Perform Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting in support of the IQAF and USG assigned aircraft, and all other aircraft transiting Balad Air Base. Follow the established pre-fire plans.
  • When assigned, drive and operate all fire department assigned apparatus. Perform daily, weekly, and after use apparatus inspection. Operate fire pumps and determine pump pressure for hose lines and sprinkler/standpipe systems.
  • Respond to Hazardous Materials Incidents using a variety of special protective gear and equipment in situations where poisonous gases, radioactive materials, and hazardous biological products may be involved.
  • When tasked, perform as Dispatcher in the Emergency Communication Center. Answer emergent and non-emergent calls for assistance and information. Dispatch and coordinate the responses of required agencies.
  • Complete all assigned annual training while on site and make-up training missed while off site
  • Adapt to change and remain open to different and new ways of doing business. Exhibit flexibility and open mindedness
  • Foster an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie while maintaining a professional working relationship with subordinates.
  • Participate in the department physical fitness program.
  • Perform additional duties to maintain NFPA 1500 compliance.
  • Other taskings as assigned by management.
  • Prepare and submit reports to the Assistant Fire Chief in a timely manner.
  • Other duties as assigned by management

 Job Requirements

  • Must be DOD/IFSAC/Proboard certified Firefighter I/II, Airport Fire fighter, Hazmat Operations, Telecommunicator I/II. Additionally, applicant must possess Driver/Operator Pumper, Driver/Operator ARFF, & Driver/Operator Mobile Water Supply 
  • Five years of relevant experience
  • Valid passport

 Preferred Qualifications

  • DOD/IFSAC/Proboard certified Fire Officer I, Fire Inspector I, Fire instructor I
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Proven ability to work both collaboratively and autonomously 
  • Strong initiative
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines

Firefighter for Iraq

Locations: Iraq, Middle East, OCONUS