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Caliburn International is currently hiring Youth Care Workers for a contract in Long Beach, CA. The contract requires you to be on ground as early as 4/23 and NLT 4/30. Must be 21 years old, possess a high school diploma and be proficient in Spanish and English (Read, Write, Speak, and Comprehend). It’s 23.80/hr, 4.22/hr in Health and Welfare benefit, 66.00/day in per diem, and overtime.
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The Youth Care Worker is responsible for all direct care to minors at a temporary youth’s residential facility. They always provide a continuous line of sight supervision to their assigned children. They ensure the safety and quality care of all children, contractual requirements, and client’s expectations are met. They assist children with their valuables, clothing, laundry, and transportation as needed for on-site clinic health units or projects for Caliburn Commercial and Government contracts for rapid deployments to support emergency and disaster efforts.

This position is responsible to be compliant with the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, as well as DOH and Agency for Healthcare Administration COVID-19 specific requirements. This is a temporary position and length of assignment may vary based on operational needs and client requirements. They report to the Lead Direct Care Support Staff or department lead.

Due to varied current global health climate, additional personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines may apply. Employees may potentially be working in an environment supporting the medical response to an emergency health crisis created by a highly infectious disease, COVID-19.

Location: Will be deployed to 300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, California 90802

Duties and Responsibilities:  
Provides direct supervision of children in care and maintains line-of-sight.
Provides oversight of children during recreation, mealtime, relaxing time, and play.
Interacts with children in an appropriate manner, including playing games or during recreational time.
Ensures accurate timesheet management (clock in and out).
Ensures that all contract agency policies and procedures are adhered to.
Ensures quality care for all children and timely response to their needs.
Follows all mandatory child welfare reporting requirements.
Ensures that all children’s needs are provided for such as protection of valuables, clothing distribution, laundry services, etc.
Provides reports to manager regarding children’s needs, activities, and documentation of time/location.
Completes all required documentation pertaining to this position in a timely manner, which may include daily reports, shift briefings, and management updates.
Adheres to confidentiality, HIPAA, and non-disclosure agreement, related to children and shelter operations, both on and off work (i.e. media and social media postings).
Must be able to perform CPR/first aid, if necessary.
Assists during transition and movement of children from one activity to the next and one physical location to another, if necessary.
Engage and interact with youth in the education department, to include assisting teachers and facilitating as needed.
May be assigned by supervisors to other departments to fulfill operational requirements in the support of children in care.
Able to communicate verbally and listen for constant surveillance of children and staff activities.
Complies with all applicable CHS and contract standards and guidelines.
Be able to multi-task, be detail-oriented and organized while having good verbal and written communication skills.
Preforms Emergency Behavioral Intervention (EBI) and effectively monitor and execute the shelter’s Behavior Management Plan for youth in care (as applicable per, operating procedures, contract and/or cooperative agreements).
Must be able to supervise children indoors and outdoors throughout the entire duration of their shift.
Meet the requirements of the contract for all immunizations (Emergency Task Order or Cooperative Agreement).
Must be able to obtain Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
(CPR) certifications.
Must be adaptable to a changing work environment and have the capacity to adapt to diverse situations.
Able to receive and understand detailed information through oral communication.
Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned to ensure continuous operations.

Other Requirements:
Performs duties in a safe manner.  
Follows the corporate safety policy.
Participates in and supports safety meetings, training, and goals.
Encourages co-workers to work safely.  
Identifies “close calls” and/or safety concerns to supervisor.
Ensures the safety and security of all children and the operating conditions within the area of responsibility.
Conduct and perform all duties within scope and in a professional manner.
Assists in the active implementation of company initiatives to ensure compliance with OSHA VPP, ISO, Joint Commission, AAAHC, HIPAA, and other mandated regulations/standards.
Maintains a clean and orderly work/break areas.

Minimum age of 21 years or older.
High school diploma or its equivalent.
Proficient in Spanish & English (Read, Write, Speak, and Comprehend).
Clean criminal background check.
Clean Child Abuse and Neglect (CA/N) or Child Protective Services Check.
Ability to remain calm and composed under stress.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience with children in child welfare or social service setting.
Excellent presentation skills as well as oral and written communication skills.
Proficiency with computer, common office equipment, and MS Office™ products required.

Physical Requirements:
Ability to ascend/descend stairs.
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
Visual acuity required to complete paperwork, computer work and direct line of sight supervision of staff.
Able to communicate verbally and listen for constant surveillance of UAC activities.
Able to receive and understand detailed information through oral and written communication.
Able to withstand changing environmental conditions with weather (rain, lightning, extreme heat and winds).
Able to withstand and manipulate through construction areas, sports fields, etc.
Use of manual dexterity, tactile, visual, and audio acuity.
May be asked to supervise children indoors and outdoors throughout the entire duration of their shift period, which lasts 8 hours or more on a typical shift.
Must be able to stay awake/alert, sit, stand, walk, bend, or stoop for extended periods of time and/or the entire duration of the shift, as necessary.
Must be prepared and physically able to respond with the appropriate protocol in a variety of dynamic supervision situations with children of 13-17 years in age.
Must be physically able to run, jump, lunge, twist, push, pull, and assist evacuating or carrying an adolescent to safety.
Able to communicate verbally and listen for constant surveillance of children and staff activities.

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Caliburn International is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

Youth Care Worker

Locations: California (CA)