Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Instructor (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh)

Full Time   Secret Clearance

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Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Instructor (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh)
Salary: $146K with Post-hardship differential and danger pay
RMGS, Inc. is currently recruiting a Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Instructor to support the Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity in providing training and technical support services for BUD/S and related preparatory training within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The BUD/S Instructor will be located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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Roles and Responsibilities
Provide training and technical support for the BUD/S and related preparatory training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), designed to prepare Special Security Forces (SSF) and Border Guard (BG) trainees for entry into U.S. Navy Continental United States-based courses
Provide administrative support, including the timely submission of reports and other deliverables
Provide training support in accordance with the proper instructor-to-student ratio
Provide training that consists of physical training, run conditioning, swim conditioning, water competency evolutions (mask charge, 35-meter underwater swim, combat tread, underwater knot tying, drown proofing, and lifesaving), land navigation, and 25-meter small arms familiarization
Provide necessary theory (classroom) related training for dive physics, nutrition, land navigation, and weapons familiarization
Provide advisory support to assist SSF and BG trainees to pass the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) course physical fitness standards
Provide assistance with the following:
Doctrine assistance
Organization chart assistance
Training pipelines that provide timelines for training schools regarding BUD/S, Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman, Second-Class Diver, and Medical Department Diving Officer
Equipment, materiel, and training aid needs
Leadership development plans for enlisted, warrant officers, and commissioned officers, including positions based on rank
Personnel requirements for each position
Facility concepts to assist the end-user with developing state-of-the-art facilities and training areas to conduct preparatory training

 Required Qualifications and Experience
Graduate of BUD/S with Navy Enlistment Classification 5326 (SEAL)
No less than 6 years of active-duty experience in the NSW community
Recent experience with no more than five years of separation from active-duty service in the NSW community
Skilled in training management, report writing, cross-cultural communication, and project management
Familiarity with executing a physical fitness program in accordance with all U.S. Navy instructions, regulations, manuals, policies, and procedures
Ability to complete all physical fitness tasks and tests and perform them at a higher level than the trainees
Honorable discharge with a military record free of disciplinary blemishes
Civilian record free of criminal activity that would bring into question one’s trustworthiness, temperament, or fitness for this position
Exceptional appearance and professionalism, representing and upholding the highest standards of the NSW community
Ability to operate cooperatively in a soft-skill environment
Team player with the ability to work effectively with foreign, U.S. military, and non-military personnel
Excellent physical condition and readiness with the ability to fulfill this physically demanding position for long periods outside with trainees in a harsh environment (dust, sand, wind, and heat)
Understanding of Saudi Arabian culture, norms, customs, and expectations
Ability to adhere to established international, United States, and KSA standards, laws, policies, and procedures
Results-oriented individual with high standards of personal ethics, best business practices, safety, quality assurance, and personnel management
Ability to work between 8 and 14 hours per day, depending on training needs (0500–1800)
Willingness to provide a complete resume and letter of commitment/intent for submission in the offeror’s proposal
Active Secret security clearance or the ability to obtain one

Preferred Qualifications
High-Risk Instructor certification
Tier 1 operator with previous experience managing Partner Nation Special Operations Forces training

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Company Overview
RMGS, Inc. is a growing small business headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We provide security-related training and advisory services to the U.S. Government, allied nations, and private industry. We are an equal opportunity employer. RMGS, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation, parental status, age, veteran status, medical condition or disability, genetic information, or any other protected status under federal, state, or local law.

Company Benefits
RMGS, Inc. offers the following benefits as applicable:
Medical, dental, and vision insurance and/or TRICARE supplemental insurance
Short- and long-term disability insurance
Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
Group and supplemental group life insurance
AFLAC supplemental insurance
Workers’ compensation
Direct deposit
Post-hardship differential and danger pay
Medical evacuation insurance
Short-term and high-risk life insurance.


Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Instructor (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh)

Locations: OCONUS, Saudi Arabia