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MD530 Flight Instructor - Saudi Arabia

Full Time

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Position: MD530 Flight Instructor
Req Code: 3870-008
Location: DIRAB, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Grade: V-43 
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Basic Functions:
Responsible for performing duties as an Instructor Pilot-Trainer in the MD500 Series Aircraft & supporting simulation device(s). Conduct Initial Entry Rotary Wing (IERW) training, Aircraft Qualification Course (AQC) training, continuation training & evaluation of customer students & pilots in accordance with approved Saudi Arabian National Guard/Ministry of National Guard publications (CMP’s, AR’s, TC’s, etc.). Flight instruction duties include contact, basic instrument, basic & advanced combat skills & initial NVG qualification.  Flight evaluation duties include APART & PFE’s under Day, Night, Hood & NVG conditions to U.S. Army standards IAW government approved ATM, POI, & CMP requirements. Academic instruction may include, but not limited to any combination of Individual or Group instruction in a classroom environment & or simulator on basic ground school topics to include aerodynamics, aeromedical, navigation, aircraft systems, crew coordination, basic instruments, & night/NVG. Responsible for maintaining Individual Gradebook Folders, Individual Aircrew Training Folders (IATF) & completing required training, currency, & readiness entries.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

A.  Duties/responsibilities
 1. Train & evaluate Aviation pilots in the MD500 Series Aircraft, conduct Initial Entry Rotary Wing (IERW), initial Aircraft Qualification Course (AQC) training in accordance with the US Army Aviation ATM & specific unit ATP guidelines.
 2. Develop an Aviation Aircrew Training Program in accordance with customer guidance.
 3. Verify & confirm that all required flight training publications are current & complete.
 4. Conduct & evaluate individual readiness level progression tasks, to include instrument flight tasks during day, night, & night vision goggle (NVG), & instrument flight rules (IFR).
 5. Prepare pilots through realistic mission training flight maneuvers under local environmental conditions to include dust landings, & weather specific desert training.
 6. Provide aircrew proficiency training in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) in & outside controlled airspace under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) & or international General Authority on Civil Aviation (GACA) rules.
 7. Attends meetings as required with Customers.
 8. Recommend aviation instructor pilot & Pilot in Command appointments to customer leadership.
 9. Responsible for providing direct interface & daily status reports as required between staff for training status, mission assignments, mission planning, & crew status.
 10.Assist in Maintenance Test Flights as required. Able to perform duties in a culturally sensitive environment & maintain a professional approach, attitude, & appearance always.
 11.Able to write effectively to develop & update all POI’s, CMP’s, classes, & related flight manuals as required by the customer leadership.
 12.Able to instruct as a SME in all POI & CMP areas, & subjects as required by the customer leadership.
 13.Knowledgeable in the use of Microsoft Office Suite programs, specifically Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
 14.Other duties as assigned & or directed by management.

B. Independence: Performs within the broad guidelines of duties & responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority to select & implement goals & objectives within the execution of duties & responsibilities

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: None. Reports directly to the Standardization Instructor Pilot.

Minimum Qualifications:
A. Education:  Must have been qualified as a Pilot in Command. Additional qualifications:
 1.Graduate of a course of instruction for IPs at an authorized Aviation Proponent School required.3 2.  An IP equivalency evaluation administered by a standardization instructor pilot (SP) selected by the Directorate of Evaluations & Standardization (DES), preferably in a MD500 Series Aircraft required.
 2.An IP equivalency evaluation administered by a standardization instructor pilot (SP) selected by the Directorate of Evaluations & Standardization (DES), preferably in a MD500 Series Aircraft required.
 3.3000 hours minimum total flight hours (Turbine Engine) of which a minimum of 500 are as an IP.
 4.Minimum 500 flight hours in a single engine rotary wing aircraft preferred.
 5.Previous NVG Instructor Pilot required.  Minimum 500 NVG hours preferred.
 6.Graduate of the U.S. Army RWIFE Course or equivalent preferred.
 7.Certificates:  Army Aviator certification with rating as Instructor Pilot; FAA Commercial License; FAA Flight Instructor or ATP preferred.  

B. Experience: 
 1.Experience in Scout, Attack, &/or Utility operations.
 2.Previous Fort Rucker Instructor Pilot/IERW experience preferred.
C. Specific Knowledge, Skills, & Ability Requirements: Knowledge of Army Aviation training concepts, administration, & logistics. Demonstrated ability as lead pilot of a flight training organization. Demonstrated past performance & experience in leading an organizational staff to achieve organizational goals. Demonstrated past performance in the development of organizational plans, policies, & operational procedures. Ability to communicate both orally & written. Ability to effectively deal with people in the supervision of staff & team members. Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional & courteous manner. Possesses a valid driver’s license.

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MD530 Flight Instructor - Saudi Arabia

Locations: OCONUS, Saudi Arabia