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MD530 Flight Instructors - Saudi Arabia

Full Time

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Position: MD530 Flight Instructors
Req Code: 3870-212
Location: Dirab, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Grade: V-42
Please apply online

Minimum Requirements
High School Diploma
Graduate of a course of Instructor IP's at an authorized Aviation Proponent Scholl required
An IP equivalency evaluation administered by a standardization instructor pilot (SP) selected by the Director of Evaluations and Standardization (DES) preferably in a MD%00 series aircraft
3000 hours minimum total flight hours (Turbine Engine)
500 Instructor Pilot hours
500 NVG hours preferred, Qualified as an NVG Instructor Pilot
Graduate of US Army RWIFE course preferred
Army Aviator certification with rating as Instructor Pilot, FAA Commercial License, FAA Flight Instructor or ATP preferred

Please apply online

Benefits may include
Monthly travel allowance
Transportation allowance
Private Western style compound living conditions
Cell phone allowance
5 day work week
9 hour work days
Minimum 22 days paid vacation
Medical & Dental plans
Bonuses may apply




MD530 Flight Instructors - Saudi Arabia

Locations: OCONUS, Saudi Arabia