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Staff Trainer Operations - Riyadh Saudia Arabia

Full Time

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Position: Staff Trainer Operations
Req Code: 3300-002
Location: MNG - Headquarters, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Grade: V-43
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Basic Functions:
Serves as a staff trainer for all matters concerning Aviation Operations and Training. The Aviation Staff Trainer Operations/G3 is responsible for managing the Staff Training Group and supporting MNGA G3 in the planning, coordinating, and supervising of all current and future command operations, directly supporting the Ministry of the National Guards operational requirements.
Major Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Trains the Force: US DoD CONUS Courses; Aviation Institute Courses in KSA; develop and staff Program of Instructions in support of training.
2. Knowledge Management/Training Management System: Develop and maintain knowledge management system and training management system to support Training and Operations.
3 .Plans and Operations: Supports and advises MNGA G3. Policy and Regulation:
4. Drafts and Staff policies and regulations in support of MNGA modernization program.

Independence: Reports to the Director of Aviation Training and coordinates directly with his OPM-SANG and MNGA G3 and his staff regarding his staff work assignments and priorities. Provides planning and supports requirements to operational divisions.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervises the Staff Training Group, G3 section and works closely with other STG staff members and Future Operations (FUOPS).
Minimum Qualifications:
A. Education Level: Bachelors’ degree required. Master’s Degree preferred.
B. Experience
1. 10 years experience. Must have extensive bacground in aviation flight training or flight academic
2. Must have a minimum of 10 years experience inrotary wing flight training
3. Graduate of Command and general Staff CollegeWarrrant Officer Senior Staff Course
4. An equivalent combination of college level courses, miitary training and job site experience my be substitued on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Aviation Training

A. Specific knowledge sill, and ability requirements
1. knowledge of policies, principles and procedures of military staff, particulary within military Training and Operations
2. ability to communicate effectively through oral and written means
3. ability to deal with people on the staff
4. Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner
5. Knowledge of pertinent KSA (Labor Law), SANG and OPM-SANG opertional procedures concerning job related activiites desired
6. Specific proficiency in database programs required
7. Specific proficiency in databaase programs required
8. Proficient in Microsoft SharePoint and Project hight desired
9. Possess a valid drivers' license

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Staff Trainer Operations - Riyadh Saudia Arabia

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