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Physician Emergency Internal Family Balad Iraq

Full Time

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Immediate Hire For Physician - Emergency, Internal, Family
Location: Balad, Iraq
Tracking Code: 3369-120

Job Description
Joint Base Balad Medical Support establishes a clinically safe and professionally managed healthcare environment and provides primary health care in accordance with U.S. or equivalent medical standards on a 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year as part of the Base Life Support services.

This position description is applicable to all Western Trained Medical Doctors (WTMD) who may be selected. The Western Trained Medical Doctor  reports to the Joint Base Balad Medical Support  Program Manager and is supervised by the designated site medical director and may be a:
Emergency Medicine Specialist (defined by current board certification) with a broad interest and experience in providing primary care across the range of office-based specialties including, but not limited to, GYN, dermatology, ENT, pulmonary, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, orthopedics, psychology and gastroenterology.
Family Medicine Specialist (defined by current board certified or equivalent board certification) with interests as defined above and with an interest, additional training and practice experience to include the broad range of gynecologic, medical, surgical, orthopedic, psychiatric and trauma emergency.
Internal Medicine Specialist with interests as defined above and with an interest, additional training and practice experience to include the broad range of gynecologic, medical, surgical, orthopedic, psychiatric and trauma emergencies.
The WTMD will treat patients in these settings to ensure proper injury care and disease diagnosis, treatment and recovery, request necessary tests and follow-up visits and refer patients to specialists as necessary.  Some settings will require the WTMD to coordinate with local hospitals to determine local capabilities, coordinate admission, monitor and arrange final disposition.  In addition, some settings will require stabilization of patient and coordination of evacuation of patient to medevac center or CONUS.
In some locations, the WTMD will have a leadership role and serve as both a Physician and Site Medical Director or Chief Medical Officer in support of a Program Manager.
The WTMD provide a U.S. standard of care for our patient care/treatment model.

Required Skills
All Health Care Providers (HCPs) will document care delivered and follow up care required.
Maintain HIPPA certification. Board certification is a requirement. 
Attends and participates in a variety of meetings and task force groups to improve quality and outcomes, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specific level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, new task efforts, and new policy requirements.

Required Experience
Must be a graduate of accredited US Medical School or equivalent international school.
A minimum of 5 years post residency medical practice experience in US.
Hold and maintain a current MD or DO  unrestricted U.S. (State) license
Residency, or similar training, successfully completed in a US Hospital or equivalent international hospital in any one of three specialties: Family Practice, General Internal Medicine, or Emergency Medicine dependent on primary employment purpose
Have and maintain current certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support  (ACLS),  Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and DEA.
Must have a valid, current Driver’s License from country of origin.
Must have a current Passport from your country of origin.
Shall be proficient in the ability to speak, write and communicate in English.
Shall demonstrate proficiency in the use of basic word processing programs and the CHS Medical Management System software.
All healthcare providers must have current clinical experience in direct patient care and have worked a minimum of 6 of the last 12 months in desired career field

Physical Requirements:
Must be confirmed by a medical examination to be “medically and dentally fit” in accordance CHS Medical Readiness Guidelines and Policies and/or as dictated by the Client.
No conditions that would prevent the wear of personal protective equipment; including protective mask, ballistic helmet, body armor and chemical/biological protective garments or conditions that would prevent the capability of donning, lifting or carrying of up to 70 lbs. of referenced gear while running to a bunker or protected area in the face of perceived or imminent danger.
Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment; travel in

Job Location:   Baghdad, , Iraq
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular
Employment Type: Full time Regular

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Physician Emergency Internal Family Balad Iraq

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