Weights & Research Assistant (Part-Time)

Part Time

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Weights & Research Assistant (Part-Time) - Kent, WA - Reddaway - (1805R8)
Primary Location: Kent, Washington 98032 
Shift: Day

Job Summary
Inspect and weigh  shipments (weights and research - W&R) for the assigned area and/or terminal.  Develop positive relations with operating personnel within their assigned area and/or terminal.  Manage resources and time to enable verification of the accuracy of information supplied by shippers on their bills of lading and correct any errors discovered.  Assist customers and company sales staff with classification questions or problems. Conduct density surveys for management, sales, and pricing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities  
Assist within the assigned area or terminal in establishing or improving individual terminal W&R programs.
Inspect suspicious shipments for erroneous commodity descriptions and record by report sufficient evidence to prove what was actually shipped.
Make joint customer calls with company sales staff to determine proper classification of the customers products.  Assist customers with packaging problems.
Conduct density studies for management, sales and pricing.
Work with account managers to encourage shippers to provide correct information on all of their bills of lading.
Experience in NMFC Freight Classification Research , operations or sales.
Working knowledge of rules and regulations pertaining to the motor freight industry.
Effective verbal, technical, written and interpersonal communications.
Demonstrated ability to work independently and handle customer relations professionally.

Preferred Qualifications 
High School Education and some college – or equivalent education and work experience preferred.
1-2 years experience in NMFC Freight Classification Research, operations or sales.

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Reddaway is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Minorities/Females/Persons with Disabilities/Protected Veterans

Weights & Research Assistant (Part-Time)

Locations: Washington (WA)