19-00223 Senior SharePoint Developers Fort Belvoir VA

Full Time   Relocation Fees   Secret Clearance Required   TS/SCI Security Clearance

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Job# 190-00223
Location: Fort Belvoir, VA with Relocations Fees

This team will be supporting INSCOM. INSCOM executes mission command of operational intelligence forces;
conducts worldwide multidiscipline and all-source intelligence operations; delivers advanced skills training, linguist support, specialized quick reaction capabilities, intelligence-related logistics, contracting, and communications in support of Army, Joint, and Coalition command and the National Intelligence Community.

 POOJA 19-00223
Two (2) Senior SharePoint Developers (one of which will be located at a Government facility and will require TS/SCI clearance and one of which will be located at the DSA’s facility and will not require a security clearance);

Duties include:
(i) Provide Microsoft SharePoint development and programming support across the supported networks and 40 web applications. The Government projects an annual growth of 10% on web applications supported by the SharePoint developers assigned to this task.
(ii) Provide web development and version control for a Microsoft-oriented enterprise environment using Government provided tools (Microsoft Visual Studio 2016 and later and Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2016 and later).
(iii) Create fully deployable solutions for all custom code applications.
(iv) Estimate level of effort required for all design, development, deployment, and testing and provide information to COR.
(v) Create and update wireframes, mockups, Use Case Diagrams, and Flowcharts.
(vi) During the development phase, use TFS for all code changes.
(vii) Update/create the Operations and System documentation (A015).
(viii) Create/update unit test plans and record the results (A015).
(ix) Create/update system test plans and test cases for use by the QA team or other testers where identified (A015).
(x) Collaborate with the QA team to mitigate all findings identified during testing.
(xi) Build fully deployable packages for development, staging, integration, and production environments and submit deployment requests for approval.
(xii) Use all approved Government provided templates for required documentation.
(xiii) Ensure all development related documents are stored in a single document repository, identified by the Government.
(xiv) Adhere to software development methods including Agile, SCRUM, and Lean in the development of software.
(xv) Provide project status reports to the Government at all stages of the project lifecycle (A011).
(xvi) Utilize a bug tracking system/TFS to record and report failings to project managers.
(xvii) Ensure appropriate documentation is complete for each application (examples include: SOPs, “How To” guides, testing plans, accreditation paperwork).
(xviii) Provide deskside training and support for staff, end users, and managers of applications.

•Eight years of experience in SharePoint Development (including customized code, and
creating/modifying web parts,creating/modifying SharePoint workflows)
•Five years of experience with Software Development Life Cycle Process (May include SDLC, Agile, SCRUM, Lean, etc.)
•Five years of experience mentoring junior personnel on proper practices and procedures.
•Five years of experience documenting software defects using a bug tracking system and
reporting defects to software developers and project managers
•Five years of experience with software development Unit Testing, System Testing,
Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing, or other
development testing experience
•Five years of experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery

TS/SCI clearance with SBI and ability to attain SI, TK, G, HCS, and NATO Secret clearance
Microsoft Certified Solutions
Associate (MSCA) - Windows

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(i) Individuals providing services under this task who are not performing at a Government facility and are not TS/SCI cleared shall write code in an unclassified environment and
will provide the code to contractor developers under this task who do work at a Government facility and are TS/SCI cleared for integration into DAIIS integration and
production environments.
(ii) The contractor will use its unclassified environment for the creation of code after receiving requirements document from the contractor’s Project Manager and the contractor’s Requirement Engineer.

19-00223 Senior SharePoint Developers Fort Belvoir VA

Locations: Virginia (VA)