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Network Installer for Richmond, VA

This position is to provide DLA with daily maintenance, repair, new installation, removal, and testing of Telecommunications cabling infrastructure.

Essential Functions and Job Responsibilities:
Serves as a IT/Telecommunications Installer with a primary focus of Low Voltage ISP twisted-pair copper cabling, fibre-optic cabling (FOC) and associated infrastructure.
Designs, surveys, installs, removes, terminates, tests, troubleshoots, repairs, inspects and maintains IT and telecommunications infrastructure including but not limited to: twisted-pair copper cabling; fibre-optic cabling (FOC); audio-visual cabling such as display-port and/o r HDMI; COAX; multipurpose low voltage cabling and infrastructure; cabinets, racks and shelves; telephony blocks; patch panels; grounding bus bars and circuits; conduit, cable trays and raceways.
Performs site surveys and gathers required data in approved format as assigned by task.
Installs IT/Telecommunications equipment and devices as assigned by task. Performs patching and cross-connect actions as assigned by task.
Receive and obtain materials from onsite storage locations, transport and deliver materials to work locations, and return unused materials to storage locations as instructed by task.
Maintains and organizes telecommunications rooms and facilities and keeps work locations and materials clean and free of obstacles and debris.
Coordinates and performs trouble-ticket resolution as assigned by task.
Evaluates, interprets, and delivers as required by task: pre-implementation drawings; redline drawings; as-built drawings; network diagrams; block diagrams; connectivity diagrams.
Works independently and with others and serves as a team member to accomplish tasks.
Performs inspections for IT and Telecommunication Systems including, but not limited to: cable plant; infrastructure; communications distribution systems.
Delivers inspection reports as required including, but not limited to: discrepancy reports and remediation criteria; status reports; test results; punch lists; redline drawings.
Delivers list of materials (LOM) for project implementation as applicable.
Delivers Status Reports weekly and trip reports as trips are completed.
Contractor is required to take applicable DLA and host activity site-specific safety training and obtain relevant certifications.

Minimum Requirements:
Must be able to write English effectively, using correct spelling and grammar, to generate reports and documentation (e.g., status, trip, and deficiency reports)
Experience in telecommunications network design and management. Must demonstrate the ability to work independently, or under only general direction, on requirements that are moderately complex to analyze, plan, program, and implement.
Experience in analysis and design of voice networks, LAN and WAN data networks, wireless networks, and/or network management systems to support voice and data services.
Analyzes and develops telecommunications networks supporting a wide range of capabilities, including voice, data, video, and/or wireless services.
Develops designs and plans for installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems from project inception to conclusion.
Analyzes the problem and the characteristics of the information to be transported. Defines the problem and develops system requirements and network specifications.
Closely coordinates with other information system professionals to ensure proper implementation of network services. In conjunction with functional users, develops alternative solutions and backup plans. - - Must also have experience in on complex applications involving all phases of telecommunications network design, implementation, and analysis.
Experience in managing the evaluation and cost estimation of voice and data WAN services from telecommunications carriers, designing access and backbone networks using carrier services, or in managing the analysis and design of wireless voice or data networks (using private radio facilities or commercial services).
Provides technical and administrative direction for personnel responsible for telecommunications network design, implementation, and operations tasks, including the review of work products for correctness, adherence to the design concept and to user standards and progress in accordance with schedules.
Makes recommendations, if needed, for approval of major network installations. Prepares milestone status reports, and deliveries/presentations on network progress to colleagues, subordinates, and end user representatives.
Experience, including supervision of contractor’s personnel; analysis, design, and installation of local and wide area networks; and analysis and installation of communications systems.
Familiar with engineering documentation, network configurations and topologies, X.25, TCP/IP, frame relay, bridges, and routers.
General experience includes increasing responsibilities in technical management. Organizes and directs network installations on site surveys.
Assesses and documents current site network configurations.
Directs and leads preparation of engineering plans and site installation technical design packages.
Develops installation schedules.
Mobilizes network installation team.
Directs and leads preparation of drawings documenting configuration changes at each site.
Prepares site installation and test reports.
Coordinates post-installation operations and maintenance support.
Able to install, remove, and repair onsite cabling in DLA facilities.  May require working from a lift platform, e.g., scissor lifts.
Work Locations include but are not limited to cable vaults, ladders, scissor lifts, building entrance facility, telecommunication facility, telecommunication rooms/closets, central office, administrative office locations, warehouses, outdoor storage areas.
Work conditions include but are not limited to: seasonal conditions typical for work areas located outdoors and indoors with non-climate-controlled facilities, dampness, adverse lighting conditions.
Work sites may require travel in the same geographic area as base location.  Travel over 25 miles may be eligible for DoD reimbursement.
Personal Protective Equipment is required, as are trade tools and test equipment as required. A work vehicle is required to get to/from work sites and any local travel within the assigned geography for each location.
Check and Credit Check (NACLC).

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PSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, including:
Minorities, Women, Individuals with Disabilities, and Protected Veterans.
NOTE TO JOB SERVICE: VEVRAA Federal Contractor requesting priority referrals of Protected Veterans.

Network Installer VA

Locations: Virginia (VA)