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CHSi International Healthcare Careers

K9 Veterinary Services

Full Time   Under Contract Bid

Comprehensive Health Services is seeking veterinarians and veterinarian technicians that provide veterinary services, medical equipment, and medical supplies to OCONUS locations. Our veterinary services include basic care, physical exams, sick call, diagnosis, surgery, and laboratory services to treat explosive detection canines.

CHSi International Healthcare Careers

Hurricane Relief Work Puerto Rico The Eastern Caribbean

Under Contract Bid

CHSi would like to inform you that our efforts are now focused on hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the Eastern Caribbean. We are seeking medical personnel available to travel for this new mission. These positions are contingent upon award within the next couple of weeks.

Medical Careers with Comprehensive Health Services

International Healthcare careers with CHSi – Check us out for healthcare opportunities in Afghanistan, Kenya, Burundi, Somalia and more>> + Check out our Domestic Listings 100+ all across the USA!! Plus Hurricane Relief Work Puerto Rico & The Eastern Caribbean.