MarBorg Industries

MarBorg Industries provides innovative solutions to our community’s waste management and construction services needs through sustainable practices that preserve and improve our local environment for future generations. We honor our coworkers as family and our customers as neighbors while striving to provide extraordinary service in every interaction as we honor our Motto:
“MarBorg Industries, Where Service is a Family Tradition”

Serving the Central Coast, including Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura

MarBorg Industries began recycling in Santa Barbara County long before recycling became a household word. MarBorg started recycling in 1936 and continues to provide the community with excellent recycling services. These services include the collection and recycling of numerous types of waste materials from both residential and commercial / industrial establishments. MarBorg plays a key role in helping Santa Barbara County meet the mandates of the California Integrated Waste Management Act. This law requires all cities and counties in the state to reduce the amount of waste being landfilled by 50%. MarBorg's recycling efforts help to add 3 days of "life" to our local Tajiguas Landfill every month. MarBorg Industries is the single largest source of landfill diversion in Santa Barbara County.

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