Better Nutritionals, LLC

At Better Nutritionals we offer a superior, high-end, world class contract manufacturing facility. With the ability to provide your gummy and chocolate supplement requirements with a top shelf quality product, we are certain that our facility can meet your supplement needs.

We have spared no expense in building this state of the art facility in Gardena, California. Among many other benefits, we offer prestigious certifications for you to market your product. To date, the facility is certified organic, allergen free and Kosher. It is the only facility to have NSF, NSF Sports and BRC Certifications. Further, it is pharmaceutical grade, vegan and gluten free.

We offer innovative, cutting edge formulations in the areas of Sports Nutrition, Cognitive Function, Vision, Women’s Specialty and Iron, to name a few. We are currently working on adding a Caffeine Gummy. Can you imagine being on a bike ride or out hiking and being able to get some extra energy by eating some caffeine gummies instead of having to drag along coffee or energy drinks? The options are endless and we would love to create new products for our clients.

Aside from the many outstanding certifications we have earned, we are one of the few manufacturers to offer pectin and agar based gummies. We also utilize the process of starch-less mold technology which creates a clean environment and superior product unlike any other.

We are Better Nutritionals, a state of the art facility founded in 2014 after the need for superior manufacturing arose from our sister company, Vitamin Friends.