iStock 491169890Our Community of Veteran Job Seekers is Waiting for You

Military-Civilian is the premiere location to find highly-qualified candidates for your open positions that possess the unique skills and attributes only a military background provides.

Our veteran members:

  • are self-disciplined and goal-oriented
  • have a strong work ethic and battle-tested leadership skills
  • are fast learners and easily trainable
  • can be the backbone of your organization.

Register today to post your job opportunity or directly search our growing community of over 127,000 military veterans and family members. We have flexible pricing packages to meet the recruitment needs of companies both large and small.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Military-Civilian? Military-Civilian is a personalized networking service dedicated to assisting military veterans and their families with their transition back into the civilian workforce.
  • What happens when I register? Once you have purchased a single job posting or a group package you will have access to post jobs and have candidates apply to the jobs.
  • What happens when I post a job? Candidates who we think would be interested in your opening are automatically notified through email and text message. They can apply through the Military-Civilian website or, if you prefer, we can forward them to your existing application processing system. We'll also promote your opportunity through our extensive network on Social Media.
  • Can I search for candidates directly? Yes, access to our Resume database is available as a premium feature.
  • How much does it cost? Call Lucy at 310-455-2002 to discuss a pricing package that fits your company.

From Our Clients 

"Thank you for the incredible number of high-quality candidates you are receiving for the position in Hungary. For reference, we also posted an advertisement with [redacted] and have had no response in the same time period." — Cameron S., Training Development Manager