Military-Civilian Security Career Counseling Services

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Welcome to the future of military-to-civilian transitions. Here you will find everything, and by everything we mean EVERYTHING to develop, enhance and further your security career. Here you find long-in-the-tooth duffers paired with analysts, writers, career professionals and the entire gamut of folks ready to walk with you the next steps from getting your resume reviewed, to being provided honest feedback and understanding where and when to cash in your GI Bill.

We got tired of having to fight the battles from war only to come home and fight the bureaucratic battles transitioning from military to civilian lifestyles. Half the time the people in these transition positions are there to collect a paycheck and not much more. Our experiences left us with a lot of questions unanswered while dealing with people who really don’t want to help; there are only there to tick a box. You are more than that. You deserve to have your brothers and sisters walk a few more steps with you until you tell us that you are good to go.

Here, at Military-Civilian, you can talk to one of our human beings who care about what happens to you way after that DD214 has creased itself into your back pocket. We have tried and tested Career Advisors and Resume Writers that specialize in working with defense contractors and understand the language of getting things done. We also have the comprehensive career resources available to you so you can just get on with it.

We can advise on many topics, some of which include:

• Executive Protection Schools
• PSD Schools
• Sniper/DDM Courses
• CQB Courses
• Shooting Courses
• K-9 Handler Courses
• Professional Development Courses
• Obtaining High-Threat Time
• Security Licensing
• Disaster Relief Contracts
• CONUS and OCONUS Contracts
• Tactical Driving Schools

We also offer a comprehensive list of career development services which include:

• Resume Writing and Cover Letter Writing Services
• Interviewing Skills-Including the top 12 most asked questions and how to answer them consistently
• Build an assessment of your interests, skills, strengths, and values
• Conducting one-on-one career counseling sessions to help you explore and clarify your career goals and lifestyle.
• Provide guidance and information about different career options and industries.
• Provide an on the spot resume review in relation to what the Private Military Contractors (PCM) want
• Personalized advice on educational and training opportunities to enhance your career prospects
• Provide support and resources for those of you experiencing hardship during career transitions or seeking to change careers.
• Help you identify and overcome barriers and obstacles that may be impeding your career progression
• Offer guidance on networking and professional development
• Help you use the tools you picked up in the military to work for your everyday life
• Understanding if you actually need to pay money for classes or have the PCM pay for them.

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Please contact us for the FREE phone call consultation, 310-455-2002. Full service fee $250.00

Military-Civilian Security Career Counseling Services