Disaster Protection Officer Base Pay 3100.00 per week - Gulf Coast Area with nationwide services

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Position: Disaster Protection Officer - The base pay for the DPO is $3100 per week.  Other overtime hours offered!!
Hiring in Houston Texas - We are taking people from all over but the priority is for those who can respond quickly

Location: Gulf Coast Area (with nationwide service)
Please apply online
Please reference Military-Civilian when applying

Company: Regius Protective Services and Investigations

Regius Protective Services is a reputable Protective Services Firm committed to safeguarding Tier 1 assets and personnel for a diverse range of clients. Our operations extend nationwide, with a strong focus on serving the Gulf Coast area. We take pride in our dedicated team of professionals who bring a wealth of experience from military and law enforcement backgrounds.

Job Description:
As a Disaster Protection Officer, you'll play a vital role in our mission to provide comprehensive protection in austere, post-disaster environments. You'll be responsible for ensuring the security and safety of our clients' most valuable assets and personnel. This is an armed protection officer position, emphasizing the need for candidates who possess a deep understanding of security protocols and a strong background in either military or law enforcement.

Preferred Qualifications:
We prefer individuals with Law Enforcement or Military backgrounds due to their unique skillsets and training. While our primary consideration lies with these backgrounds, we also welcome applicants with related experience. Holding a current Armed Security Guard License in any state, an HR218/LEOSA certification, or a Weapons Permit is a definite advantage but not a strict requirement.

Protect Tier 1 assets and personnel in austere, post-disaster environments.
Demonstrate exceptional judgment and decision-making skills.
Adapt to remote locations and be self-sufficient in challenging settings.
Exhibit professionalism in all situations and interactions.
Excel in comprehensive report writing for accurate documentation.

At Regius, we value your commitment and expertise. We offer competitive compensation packages to recognize the importance of your role. Join a team that values your unique background and offers you the opportunity to make a significant impact on our clients' security. The base pay for the DPO is $3100 per week. By law we must pay you as an employee and pay straight time, overtime, and per diem. This is the rate for an 84-hour work week which is our standard 12 hours on 12 hours off schedule. Regius covers lodging and fuel while you are deployed. Usually there is food available in the field however, you do have per diem pay should you have to buy food. You are also eligible for a travel bonus, which includes travel pay and reasonable travel expenses if you get at least a satisfactory performance rating, which over 90% of our employees receive. You will get a written detailed compensation package before you deploy.

Please apply online
Please reference Military-Civilian when applying
Phone: (352)415-1300     (800)795-6440 x103



Note: While we value former military and law enforcement experience, we are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.
If you're ready to contribute your skills to an organization that places utmost importance on disaster protection and security, we invite you to apply for the position of Disaster Protection Officer at Regius Protective Services and Investigations. Your dedication and professionalism will play a pivotal role in safeguarding our clients and their assets.


Disaster Protection Officer  Base Pay 3100.00 per week - Gulf Coast Area with nationwide services