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DoD SkillBridge Apprenticeship Program- USA locations

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DoD SkillBridge Apprenticeship Program

Are you preparing to transition from your military career to the private sector? Consider taking advantage of our partnership with the DoD Skillbridge Program!

This SkillBridge Apprenticeship program is 180 days, a total of 6 months, with Rubicon Technical Services (RTS). RTS will issue the participant a company laptop, PPE and any onsite equipment needed.

The RTS program will require the participant to travel within the United States to participate in the job training with RTS Managers, Leads and Seconds/Supports. RTS will make every effort to assign the participant to a project within reasonable proximity of their residence. The program participant will receive similar expense reimbursement as RTS employees.  As a safety requirement, the participant will be required to procure safety toe footwear prior to their first scheduled assignment.

The 180-day program will include, but is not limited to the following:

    Orientation, Company Programs (working with the Administrator & Operations Coordinator)/ onboarding
    Learning and reviewing the documentation and reporting standards and processes
    Onsite Training, Shadowing, and Execution

The expectation of the participant is to have obtained the necessary knowledge and experience that will enable RTS to hire them with no hesitation. After concluding the 180-day SkillBridge program with Rubicon, the apprentice will have the basic tools and foundation to excel in their job.

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DoD SkillBridge Apprenticeship Program- USA locations