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Mechanical Commissioning Engineer- USA locations

Full Time

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Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

Rubicon Technical Services is always looking for experienced, qualified, and driven individuals to join our team. We believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards possible, and that our reputation is the foundation of the success and continued growth of our company.
Most of our employees work remotely, as part of a close-knit team of industry veterans and professionals.
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Responsible for Witnessing Installation, start-up, and testing of critical power cooling equipment including, but not limited to:
Air Handlers
Building Management Systems
Industrial Water Systems
Exhaust Fans

Responsible for procedure generation for functional performance testing, as well as SOPs, MOPs, and EOPs
Client/Client representative interaction for given projects.
Mechanical micro-schedule generation for individual projects.
Final Commissioning Report generation.
Submittal and Specification Reviews.
TAB Report Reviews.

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Mechanical Commissioning Engineer- USA locations