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Animal Welfare Social Media Manager Volunteer - Remote / Work from Home

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Animal Welfare Social Media Manager Volunteer - Remote / Work from Home
The Animal Cause, Inc. is actively recruiting for volunteers to help manage social media sites. If you use social media and interested in volunteering some of your time to helping us help animals in need, please apply.
Duties vary and may change.
We are always in dire need of volunteers as without them, we cannot fulfill our tasks.
You can work when you want and from wherever you are. No set schedule, etc. No travel required. All training is provided.
Please apply online

A little about The Animal Cause, Inc.:
Our motto is: "We save shelter animals and unite animal advocates; to reform animal welfare, raise awareness and create social change."

Our Mission: The Animal Cause, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Christian animal welfare organization. Offering volunteer services to help save more animals; while examining and supporting efforts to solve the causes behind the shelter population. We partner with and support other organizations in these efforts. Together we support and facilitate animal welfare reform through uniting all animal advocates, political engagement, and raising awareness; causing social and political change.

Our Vision: First, to find ways to remind mankind of the benefits of pets, second, that we have a responsibility to them since we created/domesticated them for our purposes; and third, the shelter population has been in the millions for decades as a result of our poor management/stewardship. Reform animal welfare by uniting all animal advocates becoming a powerful force and presence that cannot be ignored.
We rely solely on the donations and fundraising events to support our efforts.
We are 100% volunteer based. No representative of The Animal Cause, Inc. earns a salary.

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Animal Welfare Social Media Manager Volunteer - Remote / Work from Home