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IT Professionals Remote Training GI Bill Funding

Full Time   Remote Work

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Attend in Person at One of Multiple Locations or via
Online LIVE IT Training Available Nationwide  

Learning that fits your lifestyle
With live online learning, you can learn at home on a schedule that fits rather than fights your life. You’ll complete your training and start your career in months instead of years.

Certifications in High Demand
More than any degree, specific IT certifications tell employers you have the exact skills they’re looking for. The certifications you can receive virtually ensure your employ-ability and dramatically increase your earning power.

Hands-On Training with Live Online Instruction
You’re never completely "on your own". Not only will you attend live instructor-led classes online, but assistance from instructors, mentors, classmates and others is only a click away. And lab-based learning gives you the hands-on experience you need.

Fast Job Placement and LIFETIME Career Advancement Support Your professional development starts before your first class and you could begin working in as few as 3 to 4 months. PLUS you’ll have career advancement support for a lifetime after you graduate. 

Robert Wilson
Military Network [LOGIN BELOW TO APPLY]
DOLETA Certified NITAS Consultant
(National IT Apprenticeship System)
IT Employability / Veteran Reintegration
PH: 859.428.8163

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When you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall.
What goes around, comes around. Help when and where you can.
You, a family member or friend could be next to need a job.

IT Professionals Remote Training GI Bill Funding