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Veterans - Executive Protection Academy

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Covered 6 is proud to offer a Veteran-owned and staffed executive protection training program. We designed this program to help our fellow Veterans transition their existing skills and skill sets into the exclusive private sector executive protection workplace.

The Skills taught in our EXECUTIVE PROTECTION ACADEMY are in high demand and provide substantial earnings potential. The certifications and practical training you receive upon successful completion of this course prepare you for immediate deployment to a protective detail by industry leaders.

We believe executive protection is not for everyone and requires a select few that possess the dedication, training and motivation to answer the call. Our training will allow those who feel it is their calling to protect others to position themselves for a career in Executive Protection.

Due to the high demand created by the new global threatscape, trained and motivated professionals are needed by many of the industry leaders to fill existing contracts.

We proudly accept the Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits for qualified Military Veterans.

We will help you develop the necessary skills & certifications to set yourself apart in the executive protection industry.


We are located in Simi Valley, CA 93065 and will accept candidates from across the country.

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Veterans - Executive Protection Academy